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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:50 pm


1. No sexual graphics or nude pictures.
I'm not saying your profile picture can't be a model you think is hot, this is totally alright, if its not crossing the line. There's a thick line. A model in a bikini beside a nice car is acceptable, but a model almost completely nude is not alright. We can't let this slide.
Punishment(s): If you do an unacceptable graphic as a profile picture, its a automatic permaban. If you make a thread posting inappropriate graphics, you will be perabanned. However, I understand its hard for some people to understand the difference, so if you have any questions on this one, please Private Message the picture/gif your planning to post, and I will tell you if its acceptable Smile.

2. No abuse of members or Staff members.
Straight forward, teasing is alright, but please don't abuse, threaten or make someone feel unwelcome.
Punishment(s): Depends on the case.

3. Please don't spam.
Spamming is annoying, and I can't say I have never done it. If you really are trying to get the message out about something, spamming will just be removed, don't bother. You can sent me a private message, maybe I can help you out Smile.
Punishment(s): Again, depends.

4. No asking to be staff.
This is code for: you won't be staff if you ask.
Punishment(s): Nothing, most likely. Unless you spam, in which case, the spam rule applys.

5. One Account per Person.
There's no reason to own two accounts on the FHL, there really is none. Staff can check IPs, so don't think your so smart. However, I understand if for example, you and your brother both go on FHL on the same laptop, then maybe I'll see what I can do.

"Well its not on the rules!"

If you CLEARLY knows its wrong, don't do it, just because its not on the rules. Private Message me or SpinGirl84 if you are confused.

The Sarcasm Rule

Sarcasm is great. I'm always an sarcastic asshole. I don't mind joking around, but please don't take a joke too far (example: your mother is a whorebag i hope she falls off a cliff). Also, if you can't handle a joke, you won't last long.

Please contact the Staff if you have any questions!
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Site Rules
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