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 Graphic Rubric

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PostSubject: Graphic Rubric   Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:05 pm

That's right, you can make FHL money off of Graphics!

All you have to do is:
-make a thread
-make 1-3 signatures (These cannot be players in the SHL, VHL, or NHL. All must be in the FHL)
-as a bonus, you can make FHL Season 1 Art (see: The top picture)
-the next week, you update in the thread with both sigs.

Pretty sick, eh? But there are a few guidelines.

1. No stealing from the SHL or VHL (or any others)
Even if it is your work, if its from another league, doesn't count. I browse the leagues all the time, don't try and pull shit on me.

2. All graphics must be YOURS
As the title suggests.

I will judge you 1 out of 10 for style and effort. I'd prefer if you used a slightly advanced editing tool.

You get 30k for each point. Even if you get 1/10 for both style and effort, you even then got 60k.

If you get 10/10 for style and effort, you get 600k. Pretty simple Smile .

For Cover Art of the FHL, you get 50k for one point.
1/10 for both style and effort equals 100k. Who knows if its good enough, we may use it.


#4 for san jose coasters, team captain.

I feel no pain

Viktor Grabovski: #4: Coasters Captain
Drafted 2nd overall S1 by San Jose Coasters
S1 Week 1| Player of The Week
S1| Award for best defense man named after me
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Graphic Rubric
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