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 FHL Awards Announced!

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PostSubject: FHL Awards Announced!   Sat Aug 10, 2013 11:20 pm

The Award Ceremony for Season 1 comes shortly after the FHL Playoffs finish. Me and Allets have deiced all the names.

Team Awards

Glenhurst Cup | Awarded to the victor of the Playoffs (Stanley Cup)
Sparrows Trophy | Awarded to the team who finishes the regular season with most points (Predisant's Trophy)

Player Awards

Chuuksin Trophy | Awarded to the Player who finishes the regular season with the most points.
Zarins Trophy | Awarded to the Player who finishes the regular season with the most goals.
FHL MVP Award | Awarded to the Player or Goalie who is voted League MVP by the players.
Grabovski Award | Awarded to the Defense man who is voted most outstanding.
Robinson Trophy| Awarded to the Goalie who is voted most outstanding.
Slient Hero Award| Awarded to the player who is most unrecognized for their efforts.
Defensive Forward Trophy| Awarded to the best defensive forward.
Leadership Award| Awarded to best captain on and off the ice.

Hero Award| The player voted to be most valuable to their team in the playoffs.


#4 for san jose coasters, team captain.

I feel no pain

Viktor Grabovski: #4: Coasters Captain
Drafted 2nd overall S1 by San Jose Coasters
S1 Week 1| Player of The Week
S1| Award for best defense man named after me
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FHL Awards Announced!
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